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IMPORTANT: Info on Demigod Beta Release
76 Replies
Game (beta) won't start? See here first.
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Demigod Beta 2D Change Log Highlights
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A Crossfire configuration can get flickering water on the map Cataract
2 Replies
[BUG] Steam overlay not working
13 Replies
"Unable to create Direct3D"
43 Replies
[Suggestion] Do not use Impulse login name as Nickname in-game. Use Game profile instead.
20 Replies
[Balance] Queen of Thorns is obnoxious
23 Replies
[BUG] HostGame in CVP failed
6 Replies
[Balance] Citadel Upgrades Need Love
8 Replies
[BUG] Capturing&losing enemy valor flag
6 Replies
[BUG]Item: Sludge Slinger
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[Suggestion] ASWD, Q and E
9 Replies
[Bug] Can't drop idols on the ground.
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Hard and Nightmare AI both cheat and play better
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[Bug] Ground Spikes and Spike Wave show up as buffs.
2 Replies
[Bug] Fire mode Torch Bearer can't hit a target on the run.
3 Replies
Seeing through the friggin Rook
8 Replies
Can't download beta patch!
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[Brainstorm] NAT Traversal
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[BUG] Unclean Beast - lot of stucks
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