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Demigod Mods - Here are the mods that YOU should use
161 Replies
UberFix 1.06 [1/18/2012]
296 Replies
The Updated Enhanced AI Mod Thread
458 Replies
Using Mods - a quick FYI
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[Mod List] Community Mod´s (updated 03/28/2010)
36 Replies
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Pacovs mod PACKAGE has old files again
0 Replies
Map modding
5 Replies
MOBA 1.2 Final
17 Replies
Changing Cost of Items
1 Replies
Atempt at Moding a new demigod, help sorely needed
0 Replies
Is it posible to mod the reinforcement?
4 Replies
New Demigod Blackulus (Beta) Needs balancing
18 Replies
[MOD] Balanced Tournament
7 Replies
Balance mod 1.31 Final
9 Replies
1 Replies
Adding next bonus
1 Replies
Item lvl require
3 Replies
147 Replies
4 Minimods: Free Favors, Unique Random Heroes (per Team?), Minor UI Mod
0 Replies
Improving abilities damage
1 Replies
artillery tower files
2 Replies
[Gameplay Mod] Solstice 1.1
11 Replies
Start at modding demigod
0 Replies
Drive-by 1.2 BalMod release (test)
14 Replies
[Mod] Favormod - Revision - V2.3.3
634 Replies
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